Light of the Eternal Sun

<Light of the Eternal Sun> is a roleplaying guild focused on the revival of traditional observances towards the Light. Events such as church services and charity outreaches for those affected by the Legion are being planned

We are a mercy-based mission and accept all those willing to work in good faith. Those that wish to be secular members and volunteer to support our charities and those looking for deeper communion with the Light are equally welcome!

About Us

This Wiki Page is a community driven page set up to help members. Here you can post events, characters, news and announcements. You must be logged in to create a page. All pages are free to view but any new pages will be viewed by a mod to make sure the pages are up to the rules. We ask that only guild members create pages. Any pages created by outside sources can and will be taken down.

If you would like to join, feel free to contact a Veteran Member in game on the server Wrymrest Accord.


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